What inspired you to develop CampFire?
I have been acting in semi permanent fire department in Rauma for more than 38 years and have seen many forest fires caused by badly extinguished camp fires.
Quite often there had to be few hundred meters of hoses and motorized syringes spread into the forest, in difficult terrain.
I thought that there has to be something to prevent that.

Why the shape is rectangle when campfires are more like circles?
Cheaper to produce.
Easier to attach to backpack with four connections that are located to corners of the carrying pouch.

Why the material is something else than metal?
I wanted the whole new solution.
Comprehensive contraction to nature so that nothing is left behind after camping.
Soft, light and quiet structure (doesn’t make noise when moved).

Where did the structure come from?
TexPro from Rauma knows about insulation.
Structure was found after numerous test burns.
Pillow structure was formed after many testings.
Materials are investigated thoroughly and are high quality.
Heat resistance of the materials are 550-1000 degrees Celsius.

What else and why?
To prevent heat from campfire to get to ground.
Safety area prevents coals or burning trees to fall directly to ground.
Safety fabric can be used as wind shield.
Safety fabric can be used as fire blanket.
Safety fabric is used to pack campfire that has been put out on the pillow, so coals and ashes are carried away from the forest.
Pillow cools down very quickly after campfire is put out.
Carrying pouch is safe even when the pillow is warm. Pouch is heat resistant to 70 degrees Celsius.
Pouch keeps safety fabric and pillow in safe package.
Pouch keeps CleanCamp dry in every weather.
Also the kindling can be packed inside the pouch.
Four connections that are located to corners of the carrying pouch – easy to attach.
CleanCamp can be used again and again. Not a disposable.

After use:
Ashes to the instructed place.
Pillow can be brushed softly with soft brush if needed.
Carrying pouch can be washed with mild soap water if needed.
If pillow gets wet, it dries quite long time.
Mechanical friction to the pillow is strictly forbidden!

This is, as name says CleanCamp.




Carry-On base for campfire