CleanCamp ® -campfire base – now you can make campfire safely and cleanly to other places than official campfire places. Portable campfire base CleanCamp ® isolates fire from ground and leaves camping place nearly untouched.

CleanCamp ® –campfire base is totaly unique product in the world. With portable base campfire can be done safely to the places you normally can’t. Product is usefull to forrest guides, scouts, sailors, hikers – all people camping in the nature.

Besides safe, base guarantees that camping site leaves untouched. Heat can’t damage surroundings and ash and coals can easily be carried away.

Materials isolates and cools down quickly.

* CleanCamp ® consists carrying pouch, safety material and the actual base.
* Material on base can take up to thousand degrees Celsius and safety fabric up to five hundred degrees.
* Underneath the base the temperature will remain so that the terrain won’t ignite even if campfire will be burned for a long time.
* Base isolates and cools down effectively.
* It takes maximum fifteen minutes to cool down for carrying.

Size 300×300 cm, weight 1,1kg
price 98 eur + postage (ask for price)


Carry-On base for campfire